Repair Service

In-Store Repair


We offer a large array of  boot and shoe repair services right here in our store. From boot and shoe clean & shine to shoe stretching. Heel tips, heel and toe guards, Soles and stitching repair. We  replace grommets, hooks, snaps and eyelets.

Leather Goods


Think beyond boots!

Our Repair capabilities go further than boots.  Leather jackets, purses, sandal straps, even zipper slide and zipper replacement. 

We offer very reasonable rates!

Clothing Repair


Snaps, grommets, eye hooks, zipper replacement for jackets, bibs, boots, jeans, even purses and backpacks,patches and rip repair for leather and more. 

Let us take a look and see if a repair is possible before you throw away that favorite purse, coat or pair of jeans!